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Nicholas Amorim, Brazil

If you’re looking for a driver for a hassle-free vacation in Sri Lanka, look no more. I just spent 14 days with Pradeep in what became one of the most memorable trips of my life. Reading on the internet and becoming aware of the tales of horror among some drivers.. You know, taking you to places you don’t wanna go, pushing products, spying on your luggage and so on. Me and my girlfriend really took our time looking for a driver. We spoke directly with some 5 drivers, with Sri Lankan Safest Driver already standing out on first communication. Perfect english in an email that didn’t try to sell us more or change our script (some of them did!) and clarifying precisely that they knew the industry has some problems but that them (a family business) were not part of this and were determined to give us the best possible experience.

We took the leap and did it. At the beginning of October we arrived to meet Pradeep, an awesome fella with great english and very good sense of humour. From the first day on we knew we could trust him. Always incredibly on time, he took us for a 14 day ride all over Sri Lanka. Always asking what we wanted to do, giving sincere advice and never pushing anything.

You can talk to him about the story of the country and get a feel of how life is truly lived there. 14 days later, we had loads of fun, shared coffees and stories of life. And I hope we left him as much of a positive impression as he left us! On a practical note: no hidden fees, no funny business. Trustworthy, professional, straightforward, always sharply on time and drives SAFE (believe me, drivers can be wild there!).

Look no further, hire Sri Lankan Safest Driver.

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